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Our new timetables starting 6th September are now available
We still try to link with the occasional train at Goring!
Following discussions with Oxfordshire County Council we're changing our services so that we can have access to some funding for our 134 Goring to Wallingford service for the next six months.  This will be the first time that we have received any financial assistance from the County Council, and is essential if we are to be able to keep going (forward!) following the downturn in passenger numbers since the pandemic and the increased costs we are facing.

The new printed timetables are now available on our buses, and will be at Goring railway station and the library and also Wallingford Tourist Information office in the Market Place just as soon as we can get them there!  You will also find them on our website on the 'Services from 6th September 2021' page.  A summary of the changes for each service is given below:

Route 134 Goring to Wallingford:  We have been asked to standardise our Monday to Friday service on route 134 so that buses run at the same times every day.  Our new timetable does just that, with departures from Goring to Wallingford at 09.08, 11.25, 13.50, 14.45, 15.50 and 16.50.  Services from Wallingford to Goring will depart at 08.48 (Schooldays only), 11.00, 13.30, 14.25, 16.25 and 17.10.  You won't need to remember what day it is any more as these journeys operate every day Monday to Friday, which means there will be journeys on a Thursday morning for the first time since the pandemic broke out.  There will be an additional service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from Wallingford to Goring at 09.25.

In order to make these changes, we also need to change the timings of the services on our other routes.  

Route 133: Goring to Wallingford via Streatley and Moulsford: On Wednesdays we are changing the current service to Wallingford to be a return journey (via Wallingford) to Didcot and back, replacing the recently discontinued Tesco 'free' bus.  Our new service won't be free as we are not receiving any support for it, but of course if you have a Concessionary Pass you will be able to travel for nothing.  And it will drop you not just at Tesco, but also Aldi, Broadway, Parkway station and Orchard Centre (taxi rank).  For a shorter shop in Wallingford, our new Tuesday service on the route allows for this, and we'll still be operating our Friday service but check the new timetable carefully as some of the timings have changed.

Route 137 Wallingford to Watlington:  the Fridays only service of two return journeys will continue to run but 15-20 minutes later than at present.  

Route 138: Wallingford to Home Park, Dorchester Village and Berinsfield:  The Wednesday service on this route will not run after 6th September.  Berinsfield will be served by one return journey allowing an hour in Wallingford on Mondays, and on Fridays the Dorchester Flyer services will be retimed to run earlier with one of the two journeys operating to and from Berinsfield allowing an hour and a half in Wallingford.  Home Park journeys will also be revised, with services on Mondays (also to Didcot) and Fridays only, at revised times.

Route 142-8 Goring to Reading:  This service will be revised, with four return journeys on Tuesdays instead of three.  Unfortunately the 11.21 Tesco Extra to Goring 'express' service will have to run 31 minutes earlier in order to get to Goring in time to run the 11.25 to Wallingford.  If you need more time in Reading, you can always travel back on the 12.12 Tesco Extra to Goring (via Whitchurch Hill and the Parks).  Or try the new 'express' journey at 11.13 from Cleeve, 11.20 from Goring station which will get you to Reading Blagrave Street at 11.50 and will return fast to Goring at 13.21.

Route H1/H2 Goring to Henley:  We are hoping to recruit a second driver for our Thursdays only service on this route, and we will then be able to run a much improved service with three return journeys between Goring and Henley.  However if we don't get someone before the new timetable is due to start  then we will have to introduce a 'temporary' timetable with just one return journey from Cleeve at 09.37, Goring station at 09.45 running via Woodcote, Checkendon, Stoke Row, Sonning Common and Greys Court, returning from Henley Market Place at 12.05.  We will let you know when we can start the improved service, which will include an afternoon journey, as soon as we have been able to recruit the necessary driver.

Route D1 Wallingford to Didcot via Home Park, Dorchester village and Long Wittenham:  The Mondays service between Wallingford and Didcot will be revised to run 15 minutes earlier from Wallingford to Didcot, and 15 minutes later from Didcot back to Wallingford. There will also be a new return journey from Didcot to Wallingford and back using the same route, giving one hour in Wallingford.  Just enough time for a quick shop round Waitrose or the charity shops and maybe a coffee depending on how full your shopping bags are!

Route D2 Wallingford to Didcot via The Moretons:  There will be two return journeys on Wednesdays only (instead of only one return journey on Mondays) replacing the Tesco 'free' bus to Didcot (see route 133 above for more details) and also allowing for an hour in Wallingford in the opposite direction.

We are still hoping to be able to introduce a limited 
Saturday service on routes 134 and 138/D2, dependent upon us being able to recruit a driver for it.  We'll send out an announcement as soon as we know a start date.  There will also be notices on the buses.  This also applies to some journeys on routes 142-8 and H1/H2 which can only operate when we have a second driver.  These are indicated in the printed and website timetables so please do check carefully.
Still hoping a train might come?
We'll do our best to keep running our services as advertised, but please do check our website or facebook in case of any last minute changes.

Although the situation is improving greatly, the virus hasn't gone away and infections are still quite high.  This could well affect our services.  We do apologise if we have to make changes at the very last minute, and will do our best to let you know in advance through facebook and this website, but this isn't always possible.
Technology arrives at Going Forward Buses
At last we've been able to invest in Credit Card readers, which should be available on most of our journeys. If you don't have the correct money we should be able to accept contactless credit card payment instead.  Please ask the driver.  We still prefer money as we do get charged commission and also we cannot always be sure that we can get a signal.  But if you don't have the correct old fangled notes or coins, this may well work instead!
TSchools no longer out!
As soon as summer is over, schools are no longer out, so we will be operating our Goring to/from Wallingford School service from 2nd September.  Because we are expecting the service to be full of school pupils we cannot convey 'ordinary passengers' on it.  During school holidays, however, there will be a service at 15.25 from Wallingford to Goring as the bus won't be needed by school pupils on those days.  Please check our facebook page for updates on when this service will run.
Still looking!
Now that the lockdown restrictions have eased, Going Forward Buses is looking at running more services to cater for the increasing demand.  We are already running a second bus on our Reading route, and now need to do the same elsewhere.  This all depends on being able to find drivers.  We would consider paying a regular driver, but if volunteers were available that would be ideal.  

In order to drive our 14 seater minibuses all you need is ‘D1’ on your licence – if you passed your test before January 1997 you should have ‘inherited’ it, so long as you’re under 70 years (after which you need to undertake a medical to retain it).  If anyone would like to know more, paid or voluntary, please do get in touch, preferably by email (contact details below).  
Any ladies would be particularly welcome as so far we only have male drivers! 

Please do feel free to pass the message on to anyone you think might possibly be interested.
Could you hire the bus?
Our buses may be available for hire - if you have an event you would like to visit as a group (maximum size 14!) or a place you would like to visit, we may be able to help.

It's easy if you have someone who could drive the bus, we are fully insured for anyone who has D1 on their licence (see 'could you drive the bus' above!) - all we need is a DVLA check code (easily obtainable on their website) and a photocopy of your licence (back and front).  We may be able to supply a driver, but this is subject to availability.

Contact us, preferably by email with details of your proposed trip.

We are here to serve the community so if we can help you we will be very pleased to do so.
Competition Time!

We only had one entry to last time's competition - sorry if we made it too difficult for you!  Here are the correct answers.  

Chiltern Queens came Thames Travel who now run services all over Oxfordshire.  They actually began by operating just the Goring to Wallingford route in 1998.  They lost out to Heyfordian Buses when Oxfordshire County Council reduced subsidies considerably in 2009.  Heyfordian operated a confusing circular service only every two hours, which was not well liked (or well used!).  The more frequent service that eventually took over in 2012, operated by GoRide CIC using minibuses, proved a great success.  It ran for over four years until Oxfordshire County Council decided they could no longer afford to subsidise buses so it was planned that the service would cease in autumn 2016.  That's when Going Forward Buses CIC was established to take over and keep the route going, which we did in January 2017, having persuaded GoRide to keep 'riding' for a little longer while we set up the new company!

The bus in the picture is on display at 
Oxford Bus Museum, adjacent to Hanborough rail station on the Cotswold Line towards Moreton-in-Marsh.  It's definitely worth a visit, especially as it's free!  Do check their website for opening times.


This time it's one for all you Tramway enthusiasts out there!  Where is the tramway in this picture, and when did it close?  What still runs adjacent to the old tramway, and why might you be forgiven for thinking you were in London?

Entries must be received by 15th September 2021.  The first five correct answers drawn out of the Going Forward Buses mug will win Going Forward Buses mousemats - just email us your answers to all three questions and your address (so we can send you the mousemat!) to 
Timetables on other websites
Please always check our website for the most up to date timetable.  Unfortunately the information on traveline and other online websites does not appear to always be updated promptly, so may be incorrect.  This is totally out of our control!  Our website should always have the current timetable in operation. 

If you are in doubt please call us on 07484 605888 (but please don't sent text messages as we can't always monitor this number for them) or send an email to and please don't forget to follow the travel guidelines shown above! 

We wish you safe travelling.
Sorry to be changing our services yet again!
The National Lockdown which started on January 5th 2021 will affect our services.  Already the number of passengers we are carrying is down to a handful as travel restrictions bite.  The situation is constantly changing and we may need to make more changes at short notice, but we have just been given permission to change our service on route 134 Goring to Wallingford from Monday 11th January.  Most of the afternoon services will be suspended.  The last journey each day will be the 13.30 from Wallingford to Goring.  No services will operate on the route after that. 

For the time being we are expecting to run a full service on all our other routes, as per the revised timetable dated 4th January 2021.
The government’s guideline is to stay at home and not to travel unless it is for absolutely essential purposes.  We would encourage you wherever possible to use your local shops and facilities, but our buses will continue running for as long as we can in case you really do need us.

We'll do our best to keep running our services as advertised, but please do check our website or facebook in case of any last minute changes.
Last minute changes
Please always check the website for the most up to date timetable.  Unfortunately the information on traveline and other online websites does not appear to be being updated by Oxfordshire County Council so may be incorrect.  Our website should always have the current timetable in operation.  If you are in doubt please call us on 07484 605888 (please don't sent text messages as we can't always monitor this number for them) or send an email to and don't forget to follow the travel guidelines shown above!  We wish you safe travelling.