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Guidance on Car Sharing

Goring Heath Parish, as with the rest of Oxfordshire and Berkshire, is subject to Tier Four regulations.

With regards to car sharing regulations the government guidance states that it is not permitted to do so with somebody from outside your household or your support bubble unless the journey is undertaken for an ‘exempt reason’. The exceptions include leaving home to provide a voluntary or charitable service. The work of Goring Heath Volunteers is classified as a voluntary service especially as it is in support of vulnerable members of our community.

Up to this point the policy for Goring Heath Volunteers has been that no lifts should be given to users in any circumstances. This policy has now been changed to allow lifts to be given but only in circumstances of medical need requiring face-to-face consultation with a clinician. This will include attendance for Covid vaccination.

In these circumstances it is strongly recommended that the following precautions should be taken:

  • Limiting car occupants to 2 people.
  • Both occupants wearing masks.
  • Opening windows for ventilation.
  • Maximising the distance between individuals within the car – such as the user sitting in the rear seat.
  • Facing away from one another as far as possible.
  • Hand washing for at least 20 seconds or sanitising when entering or leaving the vehicle.
  • Staying in the car and not accompanying the user in for the appointment.
  • Cleaning the car between journeys using standard cleaning products – making sure that doorhandles and other areas that people may touch are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Carrying a letter of authorisation or a contact number for Amanda Holland in case of challenge by the police.

Goring Heath Volunteers wishes to make it absolutely clear that any decision by a volunteer to provide a lift to a user is entirely at their own discretion without liability for the Parish Council.