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Service changes from 3rd August 2020

We resumed operating on 6th July 2020 and have been carefully monitoring timekeeping and usage over the past three weeks.  As a result of this we are making some changes to our services from 3rd August.  A summary of the changes is shown below.  The timetable pages on our website been updated with the revised services.

134 Goring to Wallingford.  10.55 Fridays Wallingford Goring service runs 5 minutes later throughout (to allow timing changes on route 138).  Please also note that with effect from Monday 27th July, the last buses from Goring to Wallingford are at 14.35 not Wednesdays or 15.05 on Wednesdays, returning from Wallingford at 16.15. (Mondays to Fridays).  Over the past three weeks we only conveyed one person on the 16.45 Goring to Wallingford and 17.10 Wallingford to Goring so we have decided to suspend these services for the time being.


137 Wallingford to Watlington.  All journeys will run 10-15 minutes later following feedback to provide better connections with Thames Travel services at Wallingford and Watlington.


138 Wallingford to Shillingford Hill Home Park.  Minor timing changes on Mondays and Wednesdays to improve timekeeping.  Friday service revised following feedback from residents at Shillingford Hill Home Park.


H2  Stoke Row to Henley.  11.40 Henley to Stoke Row service will also set down passengers in Sonning Common on request.  This change is in addition to the 11.26 Sonning Common to Henley which is not running after July 23rd.


D1 and D2  Wallingford/Berinsfield to Didcot.   Minor timing changes to improve timekeeping in the light of prevailing traffic conditions, and to allow one driver break to be changed from Didcot railway station to Didcot Tesco Extra as there are no facilities currently available at the railway station!


There will be further changes in September when the schools go back and in the Berinsfield area where another operator is expected to introduce services.  This will affect the D1 and D2 services; the D2 service through the Moretons is likely to be suspended due to lack of usage.  Copies of the revised services from August 3rd should be available on the bus and at Goring Railway Station.

Please always check the website for the most up to date timetables before you travel.  Unfortunately the information on traveline and other online websites does not appear to be being updated by Oxfordshire County Council so may not be correct.  Our website should always have the current timetable in operation.  If you are in doubt please call us on 07484 605888 or send an email to and don't forget to follow the travel guidelines shown below!  We wish you safe travelling.

Please also note that our drivers may not be able to offer all the assistance they usually do as there needs to be as little contact as possible.  If our driver falls ill we may not be able to run services at all, so please do help us to minimise any risks to health for both the passengers and the driver.
How can we help you?
If you live on one of our routes and have an essential travel requirement which is not catered for in our emergency timetables. please let us know.  We can't promise we will be able to help, but we will certainly any consider possible changes that might assist you.  Please get in touch, preferably by email to