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Parish Council

The Parish Council is elected every 4 years, and can fill casual vacancies by co-option.   We like to have members of the Council from all parts of the parish. We are non political, seeking only what we consider is best for the parish and its residents.

We are consulted on planning applications in the parish, but we do not make the decision and the planning authority may make a decision with which we disagree. You can see planning for any location and also tree preservation orders using the links below.

Members of the Council are all unpaid.

You may view the register of the parish councillors interests by clicking this link.

The Clerk to the Parish Council is Amanda Holland, who may be contacted by email.

The Parish Council owns the Recreation Ground, the Village Hall and its carpark, Tinepits Pond and Crays Pond   More

To see Tree Preservation Orders in the Parish click this link and then zoom in.

To see what planning applications have been granted or refused, click this link and then zoom in.

To see our Financial Regulations, click here  GHPC Financial Regulations  Goring Heath Parish Council Financial Regulations

To see our Standing Orders click here  GHPC Standing Orders   

To see our Code of Conduct click here GHPC code-of-conduct

To see our Complaints Policy click here GHPC Complaints Policy

To see our Freedom Of Information Policy click here  GHPC FOI GUIDANCE

To see our campaign for a reduction in the speed limit at Crays Pond from 40mph to 30mph click here  CraysPondCampaign History.docx  

Speed Limit Reduction.docx


Parish Council Members

Peter Dragonetti (Vice Chair) Covert Cottage Hill Bottom RG8 7PT 0118 9844711
Martin Wise 5 Coombe End RG8 7TD 0118 9843071
Nick Elsome 6 Heath End, Crays Pond RG8 7SQ 01491 682775
Hilary Dewey Old School Cottage, Goring Heath RG8  7RR 01491 680261
Liz Collas Haw Farm, Goring Heath, RG8 7RX 01491 680466
Chris Jessop (Chairman) The Cottage, Cold Harbour, Crays Pond, RG8 7SY 07814 035024
Tarek Moghul Linden Cottages, Whitchurch Hill 07970838196
Amanda Holland (Clerk)  2 New Buildings, Whitchurch Hill, RG8 7PW 07814360566

Parish Councillors Areas of Interest

As a small council, we have not allocated "responsibility" for matters to particular councillors, but some matters are normally dealt with by some individuals

Play Areas Nick Elsome
Footpaths Liz Collas
Planning Applications Hilary Dewey
Grass cutting Martin Wise
Environmental Martin Wise