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The next Parish Council meeting will be held at Goring Heath Parish Hall on the second Tuesday in  the month at 8pm. If you would like to take part in the meeting please email the clerk.

See Parish Council pages for details.

From time to time we will also be posting essential information on our Facebook page; search for "Goring Heath Parish News."

The “Nextdoor” app is also very useful to join. Please go to

This link  Save the White Lion, is dedicated to the reopening of the White lion at Crays Pond. 

Click here to report  flytipping, potholes etc, and also see what has been reported already.      This is a really good way to contact the council directly.

Click here to find out about the Bin collection

Crays Pond Goring Heath Community Speedwatch (CPGH CSW)
Here is a link to the spring 2023 report   CSWatchreport spring 2023.
OXTOG: Volunteers Supporting OCC Highways

OXTOG stands for Oxfordshire Together and consists of several initiatives that Parish & Town Councils can get involved with to improve their local roads, pavements and public rights of way.

Thank you to all who have borrowed our sign cleaning kits so far.  We are implementing a system where we have kits in all districts throughout the summer being passed from one parish to the next for efficiency.

If you would like to borrow the equipment as part of a spring cleaning/litter pick or for a specific sign cleaning day please contact to reserve your kit.

For more information about OXTOG activities please visit:  Volunteer for highways and your community | Oxfordshire County Council



Just two weeks to go...

Goring Heath Buses

Schools are back so we're changing our timetables from 1st September 2020

We're having a holiday on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August (no services will run) but then we're expecting the schools to reopen in the first week of September.  In order to run our Wallingford School service we'll need to make some changes from 1st September.  We've also continued to carefully monitor timekeeping and usage and there will be some changes to help us improve punctuality and capacity.  A summary of the changes is shown below. 

The timetable pages 'Services from 1st September 2020' on our website gives full details of all the revised services.  Printed timetables should also be available on our buses from Thursday 20th August and shortly afterwards at Goring Railway Station and Wallingford Tourist Information Office.

Roadworks affecting our services

Our services keep getting affected by roadworks, for which we apologise.  Unfortunately we often aren't notified until after the road has been closed, and the duration of the roadworks may also be unclear, so all we can do is try our best to follow the confusing diversion signs that invariably accompany these sudden closures.

We are also aware of two serious upcoming closures that cannot be avoided and will have a serious effect on our services.

ROADWORKS NEAR GORING STATION - 25th August to 7th September. 
The road between the railway bridge and Reading Road junction (Tesco Express) will be completely closed.  During this closure all our services will start or terminate at Lockstile Way.  Apart from this change, we hope to be able to run at normal times (but see below for another closure affecting our Goring to Reading service).

ROADWORKS AT WHITCHURCH HILL - 24th August to 21st September. 
The road will be closed completely.  During this closure our Goring to Reading service will have to be diverted between Goring and Whitchurch (The Sun) to run via Crays Pond, picking up the normal route at the junction for the Technology Centre, so all stops in Whitchurch Hill will be served.  There will be NO SERVICE to and from stops between Goring Village and Whitchurch (inclusive).

We are very sorry for the inconvenience these temporary changes will cause.  Should the roads in question be reopened earlier than expected, we will revert to running our normal service as soon as possible.

Changes to our services

This service will run on WEDNESDAYS from 2nd September instead of Mondays, and will run via Wallingford Hospital instead of LIDL.

There will be extra services on Mondays, with the same timings as on Fridays.  The Wednesday service will be revised with extra and retimed journeys.  There will be a new service on Wallingford School Days from Wallingford to Goring at 08.50.

Revised service on Mondays and Wednesdays with two return journeys each day between Wallingford and Didcot.  The new service will give a choice for Home Park, Clifton Hampden and Long Wittenham passengers of over an hour in Wallingford or just over two hours in Didcot.  If you live in Berinsfield we can take you to Didcot on Mondays or Wallingford on Wednesdays.  If you live in Dorchester village we can take you to Wallingford on Mondays or Didcot on Wednesdays.

This service will be suspended as we haven't had any passengers from either South or North Moreton and we need to use the bus to help improve capacity on better used routes.

There are some other minor timing changes to services (up to 5 minutes) on all our routes, so please do check the new timetables carefully and don't get left behind!

Where have all the passengers gone?!

We know that the government advice has been to not use public transport unless it is absolutely essential, but as things begin to return to something a bit more normal we are wondering where all our passengers have gone on some routes, especially in Berinsfield, Ewelme, Watlington, Whitchurch Hill and Sonning Common!  We're not expecting full buses but a few more passengers especially from these communities would be very welcome to keep the driver company!

Wallingford School Service

This service, intended for school pupils, will run from Goring Station at 08.00 on school days only and will pick up at all stops on the normal 134 route as far as Mongewell.  It will then run direct to Wallingford School, NOT serving the Market Place.   The return journey is expected to leave Wallingford School at around 15.25 (to be confirmed) and will run direct to Mongewell, then all stops as far as Goring as required.  It will not pick up in Wallingford Market Place.

The fare for pupils not paid for by Oxfordshire County Council is £2 single, £4 return.  A termly ticket is also available..

Check the website for the latest information!

Please always check the website for the most up to date timetables before you travel.  Our website should always have the current timetable in operation.  If you are in doubt please call us on 07484 605888 or send an email to and don't forget to follow the travel guidelines shown below!  We wish you safe travelling.


Coronavirus travel guidelines

Please also note that our drivers may not be able to offer all the assistance they usually do as there needs to be as little contact as possible.  If our driver falls ill we may not be able to run services at all, so please do help us to minimise any risks to health for both the passengers and the driver.


goring heath buses

How can we help you?

If you live on one of our routes and have a travel requirement which is not catered for in our emergency timetables please let us know.  We can't promise we will be able to help, but we will certainly any consider possible changes that might assist you.  Please get in touch, preferably by email to



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