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Goring Heath Update No6

Dear Goring Heath Volunteers!

Many thanks for all your interest and help so far, we are so proud that Goring Heath has so many lovely people coming together in these challenging times.

We have had 49 official volunteers to date, and many more have offered without filling in our form.

We have had 27 requests for help so far, mostly from older people in our community who are self-isolating. Requests are mostly for shopping and picking up orders, and for prescriptions and medicines.

We are also pleased to report that the Egg Station at the Parish Hall continues to be popular and to date we have distributed 8 dozen eggs to people who find that a couple of eggs saves a trip to the shops and helps with a bit of daily exercise at the same time. Many thanks to Clive for keeping the station stocked.

Many thanks to Chris U for collating the requests and to Sally for keeping us volunteers in check. Thanks to Chris W for keeping the website up to date and well managed, and a final huge thank you to Sue for holding the phone. xxx

The WhatsApp group is working very well, with requests being snapped up as soon as they appear. We have had a few direct referrals from the NHS, But we are pleased to think that due to the Pink Newsletter that was distributed to every house in the parish, everybody knows that help is here if needed, and know that we can be contacted easily via the website, or by phone for those who may not have Internet access.

This week’s HOT news is that we have a card reader for specific use by GH Volunteers. We are finding that people are running out of cash at home. Pre ordering and paying over the phone is an option, but where this is not possible, I can take contactless payments and pay back volunteers directly.

Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and commitment.

Best Wishes!

Amanda xxx


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