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Goring Heath Update No4

Dear Volunteers

I just thought I would bring you up to date with a few things.

The new buttons on the website seem to be working well, have you seen them?

Chris Uden (Udie) is maintaining the RED button, dealing with all the requests for help coming in.

He is also working on guidelines and a risk assessment!

Chris Bergman (Bergsie) is maintaining the BLUE Button, dealing with all the new volunteers that offer help.

Sue Whitehead has got the RED phone, seeing how it goes providing a telephone number for people without the Internet.

Will has set up a Whatsapp Group and some of you have joined in.

Clive is buying a tray of eggs for us on a trial basis to allocate to those who need them...

Louise is collecting prescriptions from Woodcote and Goring Surgery for us.

Anne is monitoring for us.

Lucy is posting on Facebook for us.

Chris has got the Waitrose contact for vulnerable people to get essential supplies delivered and is working on the Co op for a similar priority scheme.

We are looking at getting some protection equipment for you should you need it in the future, and also some kind of payment facility to avoid cash and exchanging money.

I have been given a box of gloves and 12 rolls of toilet paper!

Possible new roles coming up could be Pharmacy person, "Just a phone call" organiser, Hot meals, and there are still the leaflets to think about. Im holding off for the moment as things are moving very quickly.

We have had 5 requests so far and each one is ok for now, mostly needing fresh veg and essentials, but one needing a trip to the hospital for treatment at some point.

Many thanks for all your patience, and to all those who have accepted these roles so willingly!!!!

Let me know if you would like to be included on Whatsapp but are not there yet.

Amanda Holland


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