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The next Parish Council meeting will be held at Goring Heath Parish Hall on the second Tuesday in  the month at 8pm. If you would like to take part in the meeting please email the clerk.

See Parish Council pages for details.

From time to time we will also be posting essential information on our Facebook page; search for "Goring Heath Parish News."

The “Nextdoor” app is also very useful to join. Please go to

This link  Save the White Lion, is dedicated to the reopening of the White lion at Crays Pond. 

Click here to report  flytipping, potholes etc, and also see what has been reported already.      This is a really good way to contact the council directly.

Click here to find out about the Bin collection

Crays Pond Goring Heath Community Speedwatch (CPGH CSW)
Here is a link to the spring 2023 report   CSWatchreport spring 2023.
OXTOG: Volunteers Supporting OCC Highways

OXTOG stands for Oxfordshire Together and consists of several initiatives that Parish & Town Councils can get involved with to improve their local roads, pavements and public rights of way.

Thank you to all who have borrowed our sign cleaning kits so far.  We are implementing a system where we have kits in all districts throughout the summer being passed from one parish to the next for efficiency.

If you would like to borrow the equipment as part of a spring cleaning/litter pick or for a specific sign cleaning day please contact to reserve your kit.

For more information about OXTOG activities please visit:  Volunteer for highways and your community | Oxfordshire County Council



Bus Shelter Repairs

Public Notice Goring Heath Parish Council Bus Shelter Repairs

Where it is intended to enter into a contract valued between £1,000 and £10,000 for the supply of goods, materials or the execution of works, the Clerk shall give at least three weeks public notice of such intention in the same manner as public notice of meetings of the Council are given.

Shelter 1.  Crays Pond NW corner

Repair broken section of bench

Shelter 2.  Crays Pond SW corner

Repair/replace  timbers of main frame, window frames and re-batten (as necessary) and re-roof (as necessary) with Western Red Cedar Shingles. Replace cladding boards as necessary

Shelter 3. Opposite Goring Heath Post Office

No structural repairs needed.  Vegetation etc removed

Shelter 4. Giddy Bridge

As for Shelter 2

Shelter 5. Whitchurch Hill Well

Replace cladding boards as necessary.


All to be completed for a MAXIMUM price of £1300.00  + VAT



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