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The next Parish Council meeting will be held at Goring Heath Parish Hall on Tuesday July 13th 2021 at 8pm.  This meeting has been postponed from our usual slot of every second Tuesday in the  month. Restrictions will be observed. If you would like to take part in the meeting please email the clerk 

Please see the Coronovirus Tracker, which gives an update on the number of cases reported locally.

We will be posting essential information on our Facebook page; search for "Goring Heath Parish News."

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The Save the White Lion, website is dedicated to the reopening of the White Lion at Crays Pond. 


Hazell and Jeffries : Increase in number of Heavy Goods Vehicles 


The Saw Mill, Pot Kiln Lane, Goring Heath, RG8 7SS : An additional 20 Heavy Goods Vehicles plus 4 trailers


The Slab, Penny Royal, Goring Heath Oxon RG8 7SD : An additional 15 Heavy Goods Vehicles and licenced as a new operating site.


Will you be affected?

Send representations and comments to
Simon Griffiths | Senior Team Leader OTC Licensing
Office of the Traffic Commissioner
Hillcrest House | 386 Harehills Lane | Leeds | LS9 6NF


For more info :  contact  the clerk at  and also see guidelines below. 422/otc-representations-objections-complaints.pdf



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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on 8 February 2021 Oxfordshire County Council made the above Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and all other enabling powers. The effect of the order, which comes into force on 15 February for road safety reasons is to amend the speed limits at Crays Pond in Goring Heath as follows:
1. introducing a 
30mph speed limit in place of the existing 40mph limit covering the Crays Pond crossroads:

a. On the 
B4526 Reading Road for approx. 530 metres extending either side of the junctions with the Goring & Whitchurch Roads, and

b. on the 
B471 Goring Road for approx. 240 metres northwards and for the same amount southwards from the Reading Road on the B471 Whitchurch Road

2. Thereafter introducing 
40mph speed limits:

c. On the B4526 Reading Road western end to its current terminal point where it meets the National 60 mph speed limit,

d. on the 
B4526 Reading Road eastern end to be extended for approx. 105 metres from the existing terminal point, and

e. on the 
B471 Goring Road - from the end of the proposed 30mph speed limit, will be extended for approx. 190 metres from the existing terminal point, replacing the current 30mph south of by the same amount.

The Oxfordshire County Council (Goring Heath Parish) (Speed Limits) Order 2000 is revoked/replaced.

11.03.21   GHPC understands that SODC currently have a ‘bid’ for some Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies with the District Council for this work and they are awaiting this to come to be released and in the correct place so that this can fund the necessary practical works that are required. 

Click here to report  flytipping, potholes etc, and also see what has been reported already.

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