Parish Council Vacancies

There is one vacancy on the Parish Council. We hope to fill the vacancy by co-opting some one, so if you are interested in joing us, please contact the Clerk at

Below are the formal notices of vacancy. We hope that we will not need to hold an election, as we do not believe that there are contentious issues in the parish at the moment.

Notice of Vacancy     

 Goring Heath's history stretches back to pre Roman times with the remains of an iron age hill fort at Bozedown, the legend of Charles 1st at Collins End, the fine 17th Century Alms Houses, the evidence of the enclosure of the common land in the early nineteenth century, and  more recently, the remains of a Second World War RAF depot scattered over a wide area in the woods and fields.

There is a local history society that presents interesting talks and other events, and has also published memoirs of a resident whose recollections stretch back over 200 years !

For more information on  RAF Woodcote, please click here for an interesting and well researched

There are some old photos of Crays Pond here,berkshire/photos/crays-pond-c1960_w257004/  and  one of Goring Heath